Wijsen Logistics is a company that is expanding all the time.Allready from the 1970s, it has been successful in a highly competitive market by applying itself to the transport of goods in the Benelux, Switzerland, North-eastern France, Southern Germany, Austria, Italy and Scandinavia. Other countries are also incorporated in the planning of routes and sometimes this is done in cooperation with other hauliers.

Wijsen has a modern fleet of trucks at its disposal. The new trailer trucks meet the latest environmental standards as far as emissions and noise are concerned. All the trucks are equipped with mobile phones. A number of trucks have loading flaps and double loading platforms so that practically all types of goods can be transported. The drivers have been trained to transport hazardous substances and one ADR official has been specially trained to monitor transport of dangerous goods.

There is a maintenance and (TÜV / MOT) facility where a mechanic sees to it that all the trucks are well maintained and where he can quickly carry out minor repairs. This is a comforting thought for customers who want to see their goods delivered as agreed and on time. We can offer APK service to third parties, as well as repairs to trucks and trailers.

Next to the transport activities Wijsen Logistics has 5,000 square metres of warehouse space for the storage of goods. Goods are collected, arranged and loaded here, so that the customer can save on costly storage space and manpower.